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How to use "Rate Up"
To use the "Rate UP" reputation manager it is not required to have an active registration, because the access to the business profilea and their Rate Up reputations are visible also for unregistered users. In case, you would like to contact any of the businesses or send them internal email for a service offered, you need to become an active user.
User registration in "Rate Up"
To become an active user of "Rate Up" you need to make a registration. The registration button with the icon "key" is located on the top right of your screen. By clicking on it , it leads you to the user registration page. As a second step you need to select from the options suggested to enter your First name, Family name, E-mail and password. Right after that you will be automatically logged in to the system "Rate Up" and will be able to use 100% of its capabilities.
What is RateUp?
RateUp brings the innovation to your business website. Our platform enables users to express their honest opinions about the business products or services they have or still are using.
How can I find more information about a certain business company?
To see recent feedback or reviews about a certain business company that has been registered in our database, go to the "Businesses" section from the top menu of our front page.
Our reviews are a 100% organic and real. Our clients can rely on decent and real feedback that has been generated from their target audience.
What type of reviews can be left through the RateUp app?
Is there a free plan?
Yes, RateUo has a free plan. This package has 1 profile, 1 RateUp form and access to the digital hub and our tailored review plugin.
What other plans do you offer?
RateUp has 4 different plans:
  • Free
  • Business - Start
  • Business - Pro
  • Business - VIP
Does RateUp perform a background check on each registered user or business company?
Our digital specialists perform individual background checks on each registered user on our business directory. Our team of professionals also responds to individual online reputation related requests.
Do I need a special software to install RateUp on my website?
No, you do not need any software to perform the installation of the RateUp Online Reputation Management plugin. Our team of experts have developed a seamless and easy to use plugin. You only need to copy the generated code and paste it on the marked place on your website.
Are the business ratings real?
Yes, our rating and review system relies on the honest opinions of our users and website visitors.
What type of information do I need to prepare in order to create my business profile on RateUp?
The information that you need to provide in order to complete your RateUp directory profile can be seen right after you complete your initial user registration.
What payment options do you provide?
You can pay your advanced subscription through PayPal or through a bank transfer.
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One of the benefits of using "Rate Up"

You receive valuable real time feedback on your services offered